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StoryTime For Kids - Baby Play With Pango Zoo - Animal Doctor Fun Game for Toddlers

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  • StoryTime For Kids - Baby Play With Pango Zoo - Animal Doctor Fun Game for Toddlers

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    Your child would love to play with animals but you don’t want an elephant in your living room? With Pango Zoo, it is now possible to discover the most fascinating and interactive zoo in the world!

    Rainy week-end, endless car journey or queue at the bank…every occasion is good to go to the zoo with Pango. Join our little blue raccoon and live enthralling adventures with three energetic penguins, a tough but adorable tiger, a surprisingly funny elephant… and so much more.

    In this joyfully animated application, Pango will help all his friends to solve their problems. Healing bad colds, feeding empty stomachs, showering, rescuing, cleaning…and sharing tender moments of complicity.

    Through simple and intuitive situations, children will discover, learn and interact with all kind of animals and objects. A nice way for Pango to encourage friendship and curiosity for all children from 3 to 7.

    - 5 adventures to discover
    - No stress, no time limit, no competition
    - A clear and intuitive application
    - Pango’s lovely and colorful universe
    - Perfect for children from 3 to 7
    - No in-app purchase, no advertising.

    Pango Zoo is the best way to let your child have fun with a smart and interactive app. For you, it is the perfect occasion to share some sweet moments with himher or to enjoy a peaceful time to rest and relax. A real gift for the whole family!

    - GeeksWithJunior: « An adorable app that offers a suite of playful mini games for animal-loving toddlers. »

    - Windows Central: « Every now and then, we check out Windows Phone Store title designed for our younger audience, finding ourselves stumbling upon a gem of a game or app. Pango Zoo is one such app that is attractive, dare I say impressive »

    Download link:
    - Google Play:
    - iTunes:

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